Monday, February 06, 2006

Vulvar pain

I'm looking for a recommended gyn--and I wanted to find a listing of doctors recommended for their treatment of vulvodynia. However, as opposed to which has a number of doctors recommended for thyroid, there do not seem to be many who deal with vulvodynia, or that have been recommended...

Worse still, the medical directory at Vulvodynia Support is developing a Hall of Shame for:
"emails from doctors who have been listed here on this page, because of a good referral from a patient as well as patients who have emailed me reporting that a doctor listed here has indicated to them that they no longer wish to treat patients living with Vulvodynia"

It's not like we're talking about flesh-eating bacteria, ie, vulvar pain is not contagious. Doctors just don't want a challenge, I guess.

This article-- Fire Down Below-- is also interesting--it says patients typically visit five doctors before a proper diagnosis for vulvar pain. And apparently doctors are not properly trained to treat chronic pain, as one patient in the article attested: "After trying treatment after treatment, her doctor admitted that what they’d taught him in medical school wasn’t working. “At first you trust the doctors,” she said. “You think, OK, I’ll just go in and get a pill to fix this.”"

Doctors, typically, are good. They want to help. But if you are seeing a general practitioner for specialized information--you have to read up on your illness and be prepared to question what they tell you, especially if they tell you there's no treatment and send you home with no strategy for combatting your illness.


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